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I have been defending good people charged with alcohol related offenses for over twenty years. I convinced the DA to dismiss the first DWI I ever handled and haven't stopped since * -the secret to my success is that I treat every case as a trial case and begin litigating it the moment I meet the client.  While inevitably some cases are not going to have a viable defense my cases are analyzed six ways to Sunday before qualifying for a plea.   If there is a defense in there I am confident I will find where it is hiding.

I am a member of the nationally recognized and prestigious National College of DUI Defense Attorneys and highly trained to fight for you!

*past victories do not guarantee future results

Should I take the Breathalyzer?

You have a qualified right to speak with an attorney before taking the breathalyzer - use it.

What are the defenses to DWI?

DWI defenses are too numerous to list here and depend upon many environmental factors as well as your own health conditions that will impact the field sobriety tests and the breathalyzer results.  It is essential that you avoid the DWI mill and work with a highly trained and highly skilled attorney who can fully analyze your case rather than looking for a quick plea.

I was charged with DWAI-Drugs but had only taken my normal medicine - what do I do?

Most DWAI-Drug cases are created by so-called Drug Recognition Experts who look at you, take your pulse and a few other exams and make a conclusion that is often incorrect.  I am trained in the errors the Drug Recognition Experts make and how they make them. Call Now!

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