The Collateral Consequences of Traffic Tickets

Although it may not seem so at a first glance Traffic Tickets can have a significant impact upon your life.  Moving Violations such as speeding or passing a red light carry DMV points that will result in significant increases in your insurance rates.  To make matters worse, once you accumulate 6 points on your license within an 18 month period you are required to pay a driver responsibility assessment to the DMV for three years.  The driver responsibility assessment owed is $100 when you hit 6 points plus $25 for each additional point.  Failure to pay the assessment will result in a suspension of your driving privileges and you may end up in the Aggravated Unlicensed Operation Category below.

We Can Go Directly to the DA to Reduce the Points on Your Ticket

Although we can never guarantee a specific result we do have a proven track record negotiating with the appropriate District Attorney to reduce the charges (and the DMV points) pending against you.  In fact, in many cases the points can be eliminated completely without you ever having to appear in court.  Call 315-422-2800 and let us fight for you.

If We Can't Play Nice, That's OK Too

If we are unable to obtain an acceptable disposition from the DA we can always fight for what we want.  I am an experienced trial attorney and have acted as lead counsel in over 60 felony trials.  If the DA is unwilling to give us a plea bargain we can make the State fight for their conviction.

Aggravated Unlicensed Operation

If you have been caught with a suspended license you will need to appear in Court as this constitutes a criminal offense.  We can help you put the pieces back together and hopefully not only resolve your case but get you driving again legally before the case is over.  Call 315-422-2800.